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Welcome to Jest Kept Secret!

I’m genuinely honored that you chose to spend some of your time with me. I know that time is precious, so if you’d like a quick introduction to what kind of content to expect from Jest Kept Secret, here are a few of my best posts. Happy reading!

This Enchanted Sun, a photo book by Jessica Byam Friedman

10 Tips for Making Gorgeous Photo Books

There are a lot of quick and easy photo book options out there, but do they really tell your story your way? Here’s how to make your photo books as unique as you are.

Painting of Jesus Christ sitting on some rocks, looking downcast

Remember Who You Are

Sowing seeds of doubt is the devil’s favorite tool. But we can resist that temptation by remembering who we are: children of God with divine potential.

A loaf of bread torn in half, with crumbs littering the table surface

Feeding the 5,000

While feeding the 5,000, Christ established a divine pattern for inviting miracles into our lives

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