The Dangers of the DARK Act

The FDA has recently approved two new genetically modified crops (apples and potatoes) for commercial markets. At the same time, Congress is considering a bill called HR 4432 – Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014. If you read the summary, HR 4432 looks like it’s going to pave the way for labeling bioengineered or GMO foods, but it’s wildly deceiving. Dubbed the DARK Act* by it’s opponents, the bill would
right to know 2
  • categorize GMO labeling as misbranding (see section 103(a))
  • prohibit the marketing of organic foods as being safer than GMO foods (see section 103(b))**
  • allow for the use of “GMO Free” labeling on animal products (dairy, eggs, fish, meat, etc.) even if those animals were fed GMO feed (see section 103(b))
  • allow for foods to be labeled “GMO free” even if they were produced with bioengineering aid or enzymes (see section 103(b)—there’s a lot in that section, eh?)
  • prohibit states from creating GMO labeling laws (see section 104)

Regardless of which side of the GMO issue you stand on, I think it’s only fair that consumers have the right to know what they’re eating so that they can make appropriate purchasing decisions. Some people don’t care—which is just fine. Some people think GMOs are a good thing—which is their right. But some of us do care and don’t want GMOs in our diets, and this push against labeling is chilling evidence of just how much Big Ag controls Washington. (Seriously, guys, if your foods are so safe, what do you have to hide? Maybe you should spend your money on marketing efforts that prove your products are safe instead of worrying about silencing those who have evidence that they aren’t…)

If you agree that consumers should have the right to know what’s in their food, please sign the petition and ask your congressmen to oppose the bill.

* DARK: Deny Americans the Right to Know      
** However, to be completely fair, it also prohibits the marketing of GMO foods as being safer than organic food.