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Two snowmobile drivers racing their sleds across an unfrozen lake

Snowmobile Races… On Water?

A few months ago, we learned that during the summer, Jensen Grove Pond in Blackfoot, ID, holds snowmobile races on the lake. Now, summers here

A crowd of visitors listen to a guide dressed in interpretive clothing at the gates of Fort Clatsop, a log fort in Oregon

Exploring Fort Clatsop, Oregon

After making it to the western coast of Washington, Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery needed a place to overwinter before heading back to St.

Bear Lake Aquatics Base | Jest Kept Secret

Falling in Love with Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a large freshwater lake on the border of Utah and Idaho. It’s a great destination for camping, boating, swimming—or getting engaged.

A Visit to Temple Square | Jest Kept Secret

A Visit to Temple Square

One of the nice things about living in Eastern Idaho is that all my old haunts in Utah are just a few hours away. When

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