Black and white photo of a mother and her young daughter

Motherhood: Fully Initiated

You know you’re a Mom* when . . . You can wipe nose—that is, someone else’s nose. Sans-tissue. Without gagging. You mentally congratulate yourself when

Little girl with curly hair and blue eyes

Talking with Toddlers

I’ve been brushing up on my communication skills with Lucy in mind. Here is some of the best advice I’ve received.

Preschool kid sitting on toilet with their feet resting on a stack of toilet paper rolls

Potty Training 101

Few parenting tasks filled me with the trepidation that potty training inspired. Here’s what worked for us.

Mother and baby snuggling on the couch

The Best Parenting Principle

 “It is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.”  –Charles Dickens Preparing for parenthood was, in a word,

Man and woman embracing with her hands draped around his neck, showing off an engagement ring

Sense and Omniscience

Sometimes I am terribly, terribly tempted. Worldliness, materialism, hedonism—whatever you choose to call it—has remarkable appeal. I do not think myself a sinner for feeling

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