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Ladybug on a yellow flower

Faith in the Unseen

Our evening family devotional is brief and wiggly. Andy reads an illustrated scripture story and Lucy somersaults. Spirituality is plausible; somersaults are guaranteed. For one

An evergreen tree with a dusting of snow


Longsuffering. It’s the phrase that I underlined in my scriptures this week. At the time I couldn’t see why the word was important. But now

Photo of baby on oxygen next to the text "RSV: Need to Know"

RSV: Need to Know

Alternate title: 40,000 (monetary) reasons to have medical insurance RSV. It’s one of those shadowy things that haunts new moms. Generally known: it’s some kind

Black and white photo of a grandmother with her granddaughter

An Interview with Grandma

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by mothering. Bear in mind, I have TWO children. By her count, my Grandmother has ELEVEN children, fifty-six grandchildren, and fifty-seven great-grand-children

Mother holding her newborn baby at the hospital

Sacrifice: (synonym) Motherhood

This is a journal entry from three weeks post-partum. I was overwhelmed by C-section recovery and the transition to two children. Much has changed since

Three little girls holding hands and walking across a parking lot

Holy. Rascally. Toddlers.

“All things are inventions of holiness—some more rascally than others.” -Mary Oliver* I’m sure that Mary Oliver had a toddler in mind when she wrote

Little girl sticking out her tongue and pulling on her pigtails


Parenting is a great metaphor. I walked into Lucy’s room at 4pm to wake her from her nap. She wasn’t in bed. Instead, she was squatting

Black and white photo of a mother and her young daughter

Motherhood: Fully Initiated

You know you’re a Mom* when . . . You can wipe nose—that is, someone else’s nose. Sans-tissue. Without gagging. You mentally congratulate yourself when

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