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Mother holding her newborn baby at the hospital

Sacrifice: (synonym) Motherhood

This is a journal entry from three weeks post-partum. I was overwhelmed by C-section recovery and the transition to two children. Much has changed since

Black and white photo of a mother and her young daughter

Motherhood: Fully Initiated

You know you’re a Mom* when . . . You can wipe nose—that is, someone else’s nose. Sans-tissue. Without gagging. You mentally congratulate yourself when

Two women and a baby in front of a rustic log cabin in the woods

25 Things I Love About My Mom

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Woman carries her child on her back through a jungle landscape

Mom Songs

It’s Mother’s Day week, and I’m celebrating with a playlist. There are thousands of songs about romance, but sometimes I need music to represent the other relationships in my life.  These

Black woman nurses her newborn baby while sitting on sofa at home

Of Breast and Baby

Maybe you’ve already heard this song from a breastfeeding consultant or from WIC staff, but I must add my voice to the chorus: breastfeeding is

Mother laying on a couch and holding her baby

Sitting Still

Sitting still is part and parcel of motherhood, and we don’t always get to choose how long, where, or with whom. Can good be found in the sitting?

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