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Lessons from the New Testament
Painting of Christ offering to heal a cripple next to a pool of water

Learning to Love Like Jesus Loves

The greatest commandment is to love. As we strive to become more like Him every day, here are some ways we can learn to love like Jesus loves.

Zacchaeus from the Bible after having climbed a tree to see Jesus Christ

Little in Stature

Following the example of Zacchæus will lead to transformative experiences that will strengthen our relationship with Jesus and bless our lives for eternity.

Painting of Christ Walking on the Waters by Julius Sergius Von Klever.

Walking on Water

Even when the storms of life rage around us, when we put our trust in the Lord and follow His example, we can accomplish impossible things.

A loaf of bread torn in half, with crumbs littering the table surface

Feeding the 5,000

While feeding the 5,000, Christ established a divine pattern for inviting miracles into our lives

Painting of Jesus Christ sitting on some rocks, looking downcast

Remember Who You Are

Sowing seeds of doubt is the devil’s favorite tool. But we can resist that temptation by remembering who we are: children of God with divine potential.

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