Sunday in Sunderland

A few weeks ago, we had Stake Conference* in Sunderland, a city about an hour away from Newcastle by metro. I had never been to Sunderland before, so I took advantage of my metro day pass to spend a little extra time exploring. Despite the clouds and windy weather, I decided to take a little walk along the River Wear to where Roker Lighthouse overlooks the North Sea.

I passed a marina along the way, and the masts of the sailboats made the most amazing sound as they vibrated in the wind. It sounded kind of like a theremin, now that I think of it. (Someday, I’m going to get one of those. So cool.)

The pier where Roker Lighthouse stands is currently closed off for repairs, but I fell in love with the beach there. I have never seen so many incredible rocks! Every color you could imagine, and smooth and polished like glass. There were hardly any shells–I think I found one–but the rocks were absolutely gorgeous.

On my way back to the metro station, I also passed a lovely old church, and found the sword in the stone. I didn’t try to pull it out, though–I have absolutely no desire to be king.

I enjoyed my Sunday stroll so much that I think I might make a tradition out of it and take a walk somewhere new after Church whenever I can. England is such a walkable place–now I understand why Jane Austen’s characters are always walking everywhere.

I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the general lack of motorized vehicles…

*In the LDS Church, stakes are groups of wards (congregations) within a certain geographical area, much like a diocese in the Catholic Church. Every six months, we gather together to hear our local leaders talk. If you’ve ever heard of our General Conferences, it’s like that, only local.