Newcastle (Sort Of) 365: Semana Doze

One of my favorite movies ever is “While You Were Sleeping.” I have always really related to Lucy, the main character–especially the part about how she has a passport with no stamps in it. That unfulfilled dream of seeing the world was so familiar to me that it made my heart ache.

And then came England, where I got my first stamp in my passport*. I felt so grown up. So exotic. I have been to a place. Not places–yet–but a place that is cool and I have been there. Whoa.

But according to the University, that stamp wasn’t sufficient for my visa status. I’ll spare you the boring details about why, but that meant that I would have to leave the country within three months and re-enter through a different port of access so that my visa could be properly activated and I wouldn’t get kicked out.

So I went to Portugal. Ugh. What a chore. (*wink wink*)

Really, though, Portugal was amazing. The people were so kind, the country was gorgeous, the history was fascinating. I saw dolphins. I worked on my book on my private balcony, listening to the sound of a hundred storks all chattering on the rooftops. I have so many pictures to share–so don’t worry, this is just a small taste of what’s coming.

And now I have a few more stamps in my passport to commemorate my first ever trip to a foreign country where I don’t speak the language.

Tenho amor pelo mundo.
I am in love with the world.

Obrigada, Faro! I will see you again someday.

* Well, Dublin, really. But since I didn’t leave the airport, I don’t count it as going to Ireland…