Newcastle 365 Weeks 48, 49, & 50: Better Late Than Never

Don’t panic: I haven’t been abducted by aliens.

They extended an invitation, of course, but I told them I didn’t have time for an intergalactic flight at the moment. I had too many other things to do as I finished up my dissertation, packed my flat, and finalized plans for a whirlwind tour of Europe before I head back to the States.

I took a raincheck, though, so if there’s blog silence at any time in the future, I’m just visiting some random planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Is that even a thing?

It is now.

Anyways, being busy meant there wasn’t time to post pictures, and now that I’m getting around to it, I’m a bit behind. I’m actually currently on the aforementioned trip around Europe, so I’ve officially left Newcastle. I’m equal parts sad and happy about that–I’m happy about this grand adventure I’m on and excited to see my family soon, but super sad about saying goodbye to all my new friends. It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet. I still kind of feel like when I’m done with my travels, I’ll be headed back to class.

But nope.

I’m done.

I even turned in my dissertation and everything.

*insert crazy-eyed face here*

That definitely hasn’t sunk in yet.



Look! Pictures!

Week 48

Week 49

I know there are only 5 photos for this week, but I literally did nothing on those missing days except for work on my dissertation. I barely even ate–partly because there wasn’t time, and partly because I didn’t have any groceries since I didn’t want to go shopping so close to when I was moving out… So forgive my lack of pictures and let me make it up to you with a gazillion pictures of Europe after my trip.

Week 50