Newcastle 365 Weeks 38 and 39: Bird Is the Word

The crows and magpies are locked in a territorial battle over the contents of the rubbish heap left by all the departing undergrads. While they’re busy waging aerial warfare on each other, the fattest rats I’ve ever seen are sneaking in the back way unnoticed and stealing all the good stuff.

This is where I live, folks. It is literally right under my window.


But as much as I’ve enjoyed the influx of corvids around my place of residence, I much preferred the thousands and thousands and thousands of birds I saw on Wednesday.


Maybe even millions. Who knows?

A group of us from the YSA group went up to the Farne Islands to get eaten by birds. True story. We took a boat tour out to an island that is populated mostly by pirates sea fowl, including puffins, eider ducks, guillemots, shags, kittiwakes, gulls, and terns. It’s nesting season for all the birds, and the terns are especially protective. We all had to wear hats or hoods to keep from getting pecked to death.

Alfred Hitchcock wasn’t kidding around, man.

Honestly, though, it was tons of fun. I took more pictures that day than on any other day in my entire life—and that includes shooting two weddings! There will definitely be a post about that trip, right after I finish posting about Greece.

In other words, sometime next year.

LOOK! Pictures!

Week 38

Week 39