Newcastle 365: Weeks 20 and 21

I need an adventure, STAT. I realized as I was going through pictures for the last two weeks that I haven’t gone on a real adventure since the new year started, and that means my photos have been limited to my daily commute.

No bueno.

Earlier today, my flatmates and I were commiserating about how quickly the time is flying. It seems like just last week that we were getting settled into the flat, and yet it’s February already. There is so much that I want to see and do, and the time is slipping away faster than I can believe. This term is busier than the last, and all my old exploring time has been taken up with papers and presentations. I have four major assignments due this week alone, but I’m determined to go somewhere exciting next weekend.

In the mean time, I’m trying to find the beauty in the mundane. The thing about taking a picture every day is that it forces you to look closer. If my schedule won’t allow me to explore new, unfamiliar places, I’ll just have to document the little details I might otherwise overlook. Even the places we think we know by heart have secrets left to discover if we’ll only take a moment to look for them.