Newcastle 365 Week 27: The Staycation

After this busy term, I was definitely ready for a vacation. I do have homework to work on over the break, but I let myself take it a little easier for the first week to give my brain a bit of a recharge before I get back to work. As luck would have it, I was able to fit in a little mini adventure almost every day. All were local, and my flatmate Mo, who accompanied me on some of these adventures, kept saying, “We are such tourists!” Haha!

It was definitely true, and I really enjoyed being a local tourist. I got to visit a museum I’ve had on my list since day one, explored the most beautiful park I have EVER seen, revisited one of my favorite discoveries from last term (Roker Pier), and let some YSA friends take me on a tour of one of their favorite local historical sites. It was all great fun! I’ve always enjoyed the idea of the staycation (even if I find the term itself rather obnoxious), and Newcastle is a great city to put the concept into practice. There is certainly no shortage of things to explore, and with the weather warming up quite nicely, you can bet your boots I’ll be playing tourist a lot more often.