Newcastle 365: Week 2

Week two consisted of induction sessions for my program, and I got to meet my coursemates! There are thirteen MSc Organic Farming and Food Production students, and every last one of us is an international student. We have

4 from America
4 from China
1 from Indonesia
2 from Oman
1 from Taiwan
1 from Trinidad

The weather was gorgeous this week, and we got to go on a field trip to the uni’s* farms on Friday. I am so excited about all of my modules, and I can’t wait to officially start classes tomorrow!

And while this one didn’t make the cut for official picture of the day, it made me giggle and I thought I would share it anyways:

These masked brigands were last seen wandering around campus during Fresher’s Week.

*They never refer to it as “university” here. It’s always just “uni”. As they say, “When in Rome…”