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Newcastle 365: Week 18, and How I Feel About Snow

While I was busy learning stuff in my Ecological and Sustainable Field Crops lecture on Tuesday, my greatest enemy was staging an ambush just outside the door. The professor dismissed us for a brief break and I ventured forth to stretch my legs–just to discover the dreaded White Stuff falling heavily from the sky.

How I Feel About Snow

Unlike me and my pal Frodo, my coursemates from Oman were filled with wonder and awe.

“It is snowing!” one said to me, grinning from ear to ear as he snapped a picture with his iPhone. Then he saw my disgruntled expression and asked, “You don’t like snow?”

I said:

“I’ve never seen snow before,” he said.

Like the snow, I felt my heart melt a little–but only a little.

“You are allowed to like it, then,” I teased. “I grew up with the stuff. I’ve seen enough of it to last a lifetime.”

Guess the Universe thought that meant I wanted more of it, so it sent its troops back a few days later. I slipped from my bed Sunday morning, trudged over to the window, saw an unearthly glow seeping through the gaps between my curtains and the wall, braced myself, and faced the truth: the infernal White Stuff had invaded again, blanketing all of creation with malevolent glee.

And then I heard a knock at my door.

“Yeah?” I called.

Reena, my flatmate, sang ever so cheerfully:

Source unknown

The moral of this story is this: if you want me to like you, don’t be snow.

The End.

(Except for pictures…)

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Jess Friedman
Jess is a Canadian-American who’s always ready for the next adventure. She loves all things living, always has a million creative projects in progress, and polishes her nerd badge daily. She is passionate about helping families make and preserve treasured memories that strengthen bonds across generations. You can read more posts by Jess here.

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4 Responses

  1. We watched a sappy Christmas movie with the Grumpy Kitty in it…it was actually kind of cute. There was NO snow in it!

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