Newcastle 365 Week 36: Field Trips. No Really.

We take the phrase “field trip” quite literally around here. As in, we take trips to fields.

Lots of fields.

This was our last module for the course, and we spent every day traveling to farms all over England. We visited the university farms to look at various ways to handle compost, sampled yogurt and clotted cream at an organic dairy, saw more free range chickens than I’ve ever seen in my life, got a behind-the-scenes tour of the biggest box scheme in the UK, pet piggies and goats at a farm dedicated to preserving rare breeds, and wandered the peaceful paths of a biodynamic farm that doubles as a support community for adults with learning disabilities.

This is the point where my Dad would say, “You all deserve awards.”

And I would say, “Why, Dad?”

And he would say, “Because you’re all out standing in your fields.”

That’s the goal. 😉

Look! Pictures!