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Exploring Agia Galini, Crete

I have been blessed with some incredibly thoughtful and observant friends in my life. One of those is my classmate Liza, who knows that I don’t care much for just

Crete Part XI: Cretan Critters

One of the many things I’ve learned this year is that I definitely prefer livestock production over crop production. Don’t get me wrong–I still love plants. I just love animals

Exploring Colorful Chania

After Matala, the second most colorful city we visited was Chania (Χανιά in Greek, and pronounced “Hanya” with a guttural “h” like the end of “loch”).  It is the second largest city

Crete Part IX: Pilot Beach Hotel

Between visits to orchards, vineyards, monasteries, livestock research centers, and olive oil mills, there was certainly no shortage of field trips during our module in Crete. There was one field

Crete Part VIII: Kali Orexi!

For one who finds the “foodstagram” epidemic downright laughable, I do tend to take a lot of pictures of food. Maybe I’m just a product of my environment, or maybe

Crete Part VI: St. Antonio’s Gorge

After a morning at a livestock research institute learning about how sheep and goats can be used in orchard production, a small group of us went for lunch at Drymos

Crete Part V: Odigdrias Monastery

I wasn’t able to attend church while I was in Greece, but I did go to a monastery on the top of a mountain. That kind of counts, right? I

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