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Jesmond Dene

Arched bridge over a walkway and river in a wooded park

One of my absolute favorite spots in Newcastle is Jesmond Dene, a large wooded park that runs along the Ouseburn River. The park was built in the 1860s by Lord William Armstrong, a scientist and inventor who also built Cragside, the world’s first house to be lit by hydroelectricity.

Jesmond Dene
Jesmond Dene

Despite my undying love for Jesmond Dene, I only managed to make two visits to the park, and both were within a few weeks of each other on the “warmest” days of Spring. Nothing was blooming yet and the trees were still very bare, but there was something so magical about this park that enchanted me even without any greenery.

The little part of my heart dedicated to ruins and abandoned places also found quite a bit to get giddy about. Rock walls and fancy windows are all that is left of the old banqueting hall and the mill, and the vegetation is slowly reclaiming the space once occupied by human industry and culture.

I wish I had been able to go visit again when things were lovely and green. I’m sure it must be absolutely gorgeous. But of all the parks I’ve ever visited, Jesmond Dene earned itself a spot among the greats. It’s perfect for an evening stroll with friends, and it’s definitely on my Must See list for Newcastle visitors.

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2 Responses

  1. Jesmond Dene sounds to me like a good name for a character in a fantasy novel, Jess. Your first name is even part of it. 🙂 Do you know how the place got its name?

    1. It’s in an area of Newcastle called Jesmond, and Dene is a British word for “a vale, especially the deep, narrow, wooded valley of a small river.” I agree that it would make a great name in a fantasy novel!

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