Friday Favourites 5: Birds, Books, and Bivalves

“Oysters” by N. Gould

– You say “Oyster.” I say “Erster.” But I ain’t gonna start eating ersters just ‘cuz you say they “filter toxins from up to 30 gallons of water a day,” or that a group of NYC middle schoolers are working to clean up New York Harbor by restoring the oyster population. I may not think oysters are tasty, but I do think that’s a fantastic idea. Go little bivalves! Filter that dirty water!

– Also from that same blog (Modern Farmer): A really fascinating and hilarious story about a crow who paints a picture. His mental state may or may not have been altered by psychedelic substances, which kind of makes it even funnier.

– Apparently, this was the official week for my favorite authors to announce new releases! First up was Harper Lee, whose sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird, called Go Set a Watchman, will be published in July. There is, however, some speculation that this may not be such a peachy deal after all, as some are claiming that Ms. Lee’s age and ill health have been exploited to make this happen. My understanding is that it was originally submitted for publication anyways. I really hope no one is coercing Ms. Lee into doing something against her will, because I want to read this book with a clear conscience…

– And the very same day that Harper Lee’s book was announced, Maggie Stiefvater finally announced the title and release date of the 4th book of the Raven Cycle series:
The Raven King Tumblr Announcment

I know I currently only have one Raven Cycle review on the blog, but that’s just because I had already devoured the first two books before I started JKS back up. I fully intend on doing “flashback” book reviews for old favorites, and you can bet your wellington boots that I will review the heck out of these books. I am seriously so excited for The Raven King. Also terrified. If you’ve read the series, you’ll know why. If you haven’t, get some tissues and a blanket to cuddle up with while you read it. Trust me. You’ll need them.

And I’d just like to point out that it will be released on my Mom’s birthday, which means it’s guaranteed to be awesome. Only amazing things are allowed to come into the world on that day. (Hi Mom!)

– Also from Stiefvater (a lot of piggybacking in this post, eh?): This honest post about growing up and figuring out who you are and where you belong. It’s a life-long process, I believe, so it’s worth reading no matter how old you are. I especially liked this bit:

Which is to say that happiness is hard work, and I’m suspicious when I’m not chasing it. It doesn’t just sit there: content waits for you. Happiness runs, a gleeful moving target that changes as you change. I understand this belief may be because I am insane, but in case you’re also insane, I’m putting it out there.

– And because I seem to be on a bookish kick at the moment, I need to tell you about BookBub. My pal Leslie told me about this site a few months ago, and I signed up right away. I told it what kind of books I like, and every day, it sends me offers for free or cheap ebooks based on my preferences. (Don’t want emails every day? You can opt for the weekly digest instead.) I’ve gotten quite a few Kindle books for free, mostly indie lit–although they do occasionally have great deals on bestsellers. Some of them are *cough* free for a reason, but some have turned out to be pretty decent. If you like to read, I definitely recommend signing up!