Friday Favourites 2

– Sometimes, I say to myself, “Self, I wonder if there is a way to do ______(insert something completely random and probably useless)______?” And then I Google it to find out. And sometimes, those random inquiries lead to favourite new skills. Such was the case this week when I thought, “Self, I wonder if there is a way to apply text to a path in Photoshop?” And what do you know? There is! That’s how I learned to do cool things like this:

– If you followed the old version of this blog at all, you’ll know that my favourite author blogger is Janice Hardy. Not only are her books super fun, but if you’re into writing, her archives are chock full of excellent advice. She’s also accepting writing/publishing related questions right now, so hurry over and ask yours.

– In other writing news, author Maggie Stiefvater had a really great post this morning about how she comes up with names in her writing. Character names are important for obvious reasons, but she talks a bit about how the name of a place can contribute to world building in a metaphorical way. It’s an interesting perspective for readers and writers alike.

– I made this vegetarian chili the other day, and it was amazing. It’s suuuuper spicy–I didn’t use the full measurement of chili powder it calls for, and I still turned to my flatmate while I was eating it and said, “I am sweating right now.” I wasn’t exaggerating. But if you’re not into spicy, I think you could leave out the chili powder and the chipotle and it would still be delicious.

– I’m a huge fan of protecting human rights for everyone, so I found this article about how that relates to faith really encouraging and uplifting. This video is a lovely summary of the religious rights afforded to every person in the world through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.