Friday Favorites #18

By Jessica Friedman

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Friday Favorites is a weekly round up of my favorite stories and products from around the web. See what I’ve loved in the past here.







  • A few years ago, I started following Our Vie, a couple who spent a year living in an RV with their cat and traveling to each of the National Parks. They’ve completed that mission, but they continue to blog as their travels take them farther afield, including their recent trip to Ghana Make A Difference House, an orphanage in Ghana that is doing some incredible work.
  • This quote popped up on my newsfeed this week and it hit me right where I needed it.

  • I’ll admit it: I’m a fan of Fixer Upper. One of the things I love about the show is the relationships in the Gaines family. I also love that they are outspoken Christians, and this video about Joanna’s relationship with God is really poignant for me.



  • Just in case you need the reminder:

What stories have you loved this week?

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