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Falling in Love with Bear Lake

Last summer, Brett and I worked at Bear Lake Aquatics Base, a boy scout camp on the banks of Utah’s beautiful Bear Lake. We had been missing it terribly this summer, so a few weeks ago, we took a couple of days off work and headed back down to our old stomping grounds. It was glorious to see some friends and to relive some great memories. (Like, you know, getting engaged.)

Before last summer, I had heard great things about Bear Lake. I even heard it compared to the Mediterranean, but as someone who has been to the coast of both Greece and Portugal, I was a bit skeptical. But let me tell you, folks, they were not wrong. The water is the most incredible shade of turquoise and the weather was perpetually beautiful. (Except for the first week of camp last summer—when it snowed—or when we experienced a veritable hurricane that left my tent upside down at the bottom of a hill. No big deal.)

But it was beautiful. I loved being surrounded by nature, and as the Photography merit badge instructor, I loved having plenty of great subject material for my students to practice on. We regularly had deer, rabbits, birds, and snakes in camp, and the sunsets and night skies were absolutely breathtaking.

As a scout camp, Bear Lake Aquatics Base (lovingly referred to as BLAB) is pretty spectacular, too. It’s well known for providing a variety of merit badges that are hard to find anywhere else—like Aviation and most of their aquatic programs. BLAB also has a variety of STEM, outdoor skills, and handicraft merit badge programs, which makes it easy for scouts to find classes they will enjoy.

If you’re a scout master looking for a great camp to take your troop next summer, you should definitely check out Bear Lake Aquatics Base. I may be a little biased, but I definitely had a ton of fun and made so many good memories during my Bear Lake summer.

And if you’re not a scouter, Bear Lake State Park is also a great option for your next camping/boating/sailing/swimming adventure. Just be sure to stick around long enough to see the sun set.

I can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Stormy Sunset over Bear Lake

Have you been to Bear Lake? What are your favorite ways to enjoy it?

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Falling in Love with Bear Lake | Jest Kept Secret

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