Crete Part VIII: Kali Orexi!

For one who finds the “foodstagram” epidemic downright laughable, I do tend to take a lot of pictures of food. Maybe I’m just a product of my environment, or maybe there’s just something about good food that begs to be remembered long after the taste has left your tongue.

Whatever the case, the food in Greece definitely deserves to be documented. (Just ask my pal Leslie–I wrote her a letter on my way home from Crete and it was almost exclusively about food!) I have seriously never tasted so many delicious things, and while I didn’t take a picture of everything I ate, here are a few for you to salivate over.

About the only thing I didn’t like while in Crete was the snails. I mean, I liked the snails I found leaving slimy trails on walls and clustered together on olive trees, but the snails I found on my dinner plate one evening were less than delicious. I’ve always wanted to try escargot, and now that that’s safely checked off my bucket list, I don’t have any desire to eat it ever again.


One of the coolest food-related adventures we had took place on the last full day on the island. We had group presentations scheduled for the afternoon, and my group (me, Liza, and Claud) spent the morning finishing our Power Point slides on the back porch of a lovely little herb shop in the next town over. It was called Botano, and they sell every herb and spice and tea you can imagine.

I bought some of their fancy flavored sea salts to take home with me, as well as some tzatziki mix. Combine that with the Greek cookbook I bought as a souvenir, and I’ll be eating really well for the foreseeable future.

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