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Peace Like a River

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes I want to save our favorite recipes on the blog, but I hesitate for lack of a picture. Hesitant no longer. You probably shouldn’t

A stack of antique books under the overlaid text "The Reading List"

The Reading List

From self-help and religion to adventures and ghost stories, here’s what I’ve been reading this summer.

A book called Keturah and Lord Death sitting on a wooden surface

Keturah and Lord Death

An expertly written story with beautiful world building that ultimately left me feeling a little dissatisfied.

A book called A Monster Calls sitting on a wooden surface

A Monster Calls

Despite the simple writing, Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls packs some heavy punches.

A book called Eve and the Choice Made in Eden sitting on a wooden surface

Eve and the Choice Made in Eden

Beverly Campbell makes a convince agument that the chronic mistreatment of women stems from an incorrect understanding of Mother Eve.

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I’m a Canadian-American who’s always ready for the next adventure. I love all things living, always have a million creative projects in progress, and polish my nerd badge daily. I am passionate about strengthening families by empowering women to make space for things that bring them true and lasting joy. Read more about me and my mission here.


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