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An evergreen tree with a dusting of snow


Longsuffering. It’s the phrase that I underlined in my scriptures this week. At the time I couldn’t see why the word was important. But now I’m thinking, and God is

Two fingers with faces doodled on the tip and a heart drawn where the two touch

Truth-Telling Love Songs

Maybe it’s a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Relationships, or maybe I’m just old enough to understand what song lyrics mean.  End result? Most love songs are now ruined

A father cuddling with his two little girls

Do I Love Him?

In the musical Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye approaches his wife of twenty-five years and asks, “Do you love me?”

Black and white photo of a grandmother with her granddaughter

An Interview with Grandma

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by mothering. Bear in mind, I have TWO children. By her count, my Grandmother has ELEVEN children, fifty-six grandchildren, and fifty-seven great-grand-children (with two more on the

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