Newcastle 365 Weeks 51 and 52: Done!

I know it’s a few weeks late (I’m still travelling), but this is officially the last Newcastle 365¬†post. I missed two days (and cheated on a handful of others), but I’m satisfied. I don’t ever want to do another 365 project, but I’m really glad that I did it this year. I love being able […]

Newcastle 365 Weeks 46 and 47: Feed Me, Seymour!

Week 46 Okay, fine. I’ll admit it: I am a foodstagrammer, and I need help. But I have a good excuse—really! This week, people gave me lots of food! A friend cooked for me on Tuesday, a bunch of friends brought treats to my game night on Thursday, my flatmates cooked for me on Friday, […]

Newcastle 365 Week 43: Deas bualadh leat, Ireland!

I finally did it! I officially went to Ireland—meaning, of course, that I left the airport this time and actually got to see some of what makes the country so beautiful. And beautiful it is. It was all green and lush and full of sheep and colorful cottages. I’m going back in a few weeks, […]

Newcastle 365 Weeks 38 and 39: Bird Is the Word

The crows and magpies are locked in a territorial battle over the contents of the rubbish heap left by all the departing undergrads. While they’re busy waging aerial warfare on each other, the fattest rats I’ve ever seen are sneaking in the back way unnoticed and stealing all the good stuff. This is where I […]