There are some things a girl just has to do before she dies. These are some of those things. And by some, I mean, like a gazillion. This is an ever-evolving list, too, so it’s bound to be added to.

– Australia
✔ Austria
The Alhambra
– Complete the 100 Strangers Project
– Czech Republic
England – Also, while I lived in England, I made a Bucket List just for the UK and Ireland
Finish a 365 project
✔ Germany
– Go to a writing conference
Go to a castle
– Go to Comic Con
– The Great Stables at the Château de Chantilly
– Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
– Iceland
✔ Italy

– Land a literary agent
– Learn dressage
Mongol Derby
– Morrocco
– New Year’s Eve in Times Square
– New Zealand
– Poland
– Ride a camel
– Ride an elephant
– Ride in a hunt
– See my book on the shelves
✔ The Spanish Riding School of Vienna
St. Aloysius Church in Colorado
– Start a business
✔ Switzerland
– The Temple of Angkor Wat
– The Temple of the Lion in Petra, Jordan
– Thailand
– Turkey
– Visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible
– Visit every continent
– Visit every National Park
– Wales