Triptych of art hanging over a bed

Blurb Wall Art Review

Disclosure: I did not receive monetary compensation for this post, but I did receive a sample to try so that I could write an honest review. All opinions are mine, based on my own experience, and were not influenced in any way by the company.

It’s no secret that I love Blurb. I’ve written before about my love for their photo books, and their excellent customer service helped them secure spot on my list of favorite companies to do business with.

So when I learned about their brand new wall art products, I was eager to try them for myself. I am a huge proponent of getting your photos off your hard drives and SD cards and into more prominent, visible places in your home, and wall art is an excellent way to do that. (Seriously, if you were to visit our apartment, almost every wall has nostalgic art and photographs on it.)

After looking over a good selection of my favorite yet-to-be-printed photos, I settled on one that I thought would lend itself well to being printed on canvas and earn itself pride of place on one of our walls. It’s not one of my most stunning photos, but it’s of my very favorite place on earth—the cabin my grandparents built near Algonquin Provincial Park in the ’40s. Many of my best memories are of sitting at the end of the dock, looking across the lake as the sun set and the moon peeks up over the trees, or of heading there first thing in the morning to try and spot the loons floating through the mist. Award winning photo it might not be, but it sure brings me joy when I look at it.

Triptych of art hanging over a bed

And I am in love with this canvas print. Not only does it look amazing hanging on our wall, but the quality is top notch. The colors are vibrant with no banding in the gradient of the sunset colors, and it comes with a pre-installed wire hanger and rubber bumpers to protect your wall.

Overall, I’m super impressed. I’ll definitely be ordering some more wall art from Blurb once we have a place with more wall space. (Seriously, every wall. I think I have a problem.) In addition to these gorgeous canvas prints, they have options for acrylic and metal prints, which also look amazing.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

If you'd like to test Blurb's new wall art products for yourself, they're running a flash sale for 36 hours only, starting August 30th at 12:00PM PST. Use the code SPRINT25 to get 25% off your order!


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