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18 Great Gifts for Horse Lovers

Dapple gray dressage horse

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We horse lovers know that we’re a unique bunch. We’d rather spend a day in the saddle than a day at the spa, we aren’t afraid of a little dirt under our fingernails, and we seem to have a language all of our own. And when it comes to holiday gift giving, our wish lists tend to be a little thematic: just get us horse stuff and we’ll be happy. But if you’re not an equestrian yourself, identifying the right “horse stuff” can be a daunting task. If you’ve got a horse girl or guy in your life, here are 18 gift ideas any horse lover is sure to appreciate. And as a bonus, these gifts are made by independent artists, so you’ll be giving someone else a merry Christmas, too! Grid of gifts for horse lovers, including stamped metal tags, bedazzled brow bands, hand tooled leather brow band, embroidered saddle pad, engraved horse grooming brush, and carved wooden name plate for a horse stall

Gifts For the Barn

1. Tack Tags

These tack tags from Jessica Dennis Designs can be added to saddles, bridles, halters, or blankets for easy identification in a crowded tack room. Adding a phone number also turns them into an excellent security measure—if a bridle gets left behind at a show, the clean up crew will know who to contact to get it back to its rightful owner. Whatever they’re used for, these tags are both utilitarian and classy, and they’re perfect for a horsey stocking stuffer.

2. Bedazzled BrowBands

Your favorite horse lover is bound to turn heads in the show ring with these fancy browbands from Horse N Pony Depot. They fit horse, pony, and cob size bridles and come in a variety of colors.

3. Hand-Tooled Browband

If bling isn’t quite your thing, this celtic browband from Unforgiven Leather still makes a subtle statement.

4. Embroidered Saddle Pad

These custom saddle pads from Stitching Post Designs come in a variety of colors. If your rider isn’t a hunter/jumper, they also offer saddle pads featuring other disciplines.

5. Personalized Dandy Brush

Sharing grooming supplies between horses is a quick and easy way to spread contagions, and nothing ruins Christmas faster than an emergency vet call. Help your horsey friend avoid disaster with these personalized dandy brushes from Bespoke and Oak Co.

6. Custom Stall Plate

Your horse will be the talk of the barn with this custom stall name plate from SA Woodcrafting. It’s classy and stylish, and I love that it features both the show/registered name and the barn name. (Because we all know Ace’s Top Hat really only answers to Booger anyways…) Grid of gifts for horse lovers, including a shirt that says "horse girl", a horseshoe necklace, horsehair bracelets, a horse infinity scarf, a shirt that says "I'd rather be with Lucy", and a horse head necklace

Gifts To Wear

7. Horse Girl Shirt

These adorable Horse Girl shirts from Stark Ambition comes in five different colors. They’re made of cotton or a cotton/poly mix (depending on the color you order), and printed with eco-friendly ink.

8. Horseshoe Necklace

This delicate horseshoe pendant necklace from My Menagerie Studios is made of rose gold and measures 16 1/2″.

9. Horsehair Bracelets

These horsehair bracelets from Firefly and Oak can be made with a sample of your own horse’s hair or from stock horse hair of your chosen color. These are a great way to help your horse-loving pal keep a memento of their horse even when they’re away from the barn.

10. Horse Scarf

I’m a big fan of clothing that shows off the things that I’m interested in, so I love this horsey scarf from Fun Scarves and Pillows. The scarves come in 6 different colors and measures 79″ long.

11. “I’d Rather Be With _____” Shirt

If you don’t know your horse-loving friend’s horse’s name, you’re going to want to learn it for this gift. This cute shirt from Sightual is pretty much the story of every horse person’s life: no matter where we are, we’d probably rather be with our horse.

12. Horse Head Pendant

This striking, handmade pendant from Horse Lady Gifts features a classic Friesian profile. It comes on a 24″ tarnish free chain. Grid of gifts for horse lovers, including three horse prints, a ribbon rack, a sweet feed scented candle, and a wooden ornament shaped like a girl riding a horse

Gifts For the Home

13. “Blue Horse” by Liz Chaderton

I LOVE the dynamic pose and bright colors of this painting. Available as a print from Wraptious, it’s sure to brighten up any room with a touch of equine beauty.

14. Ribbon Rack

After your favorite rider dominates the show ring, give him or her a place to display their ribbons proudly with this custom ribbon rack from Creative Art Bar. And if they run out of room for all of those ribbons, extension bars are available, too!

15. Sweet Feed Candle

I’m not going to lie, of all the gifts on this list, this is the one I want the most. I love the smell of sweet feed, and the promise of a candle that can fill my home with that heavenly scent gets me all giddy with excitement. I’d never stop sniffing it. Available from Gray Horse Candle Co, along with a variety of other horse-themed scents.

16. Horse Head Print

I’m totally digging the minimalist Scandinavian print trend that’s going on right now. I love the clean, fresh look of this photo from Blossom and Dun, and it really makes me want to go saddle up for a ride in the snow.

17. “Expression” by Heather Irvine

Charcoal is one of my favorite mediums, especially when it’s used to convey the idea of a thing rather than more concrete outlines. I could stare at this gorgeous drawing from Heather Irvine all day. Available in a variety of sizes.

18. Personalized Horse Ornament

I promise I didn’t just pick this ornament because it has my name on it. My favorite Christmas tree ornament growing up was a carousel horse that looked like glass, and I’ve been on the hunt for a nice horsey ornament to add to my own tree ever since. I love that this even includes the mantra of every riding instructor ever: Heads Up. Heels Down. Available from Anchor Gift Shop. Looking for a pet-themed gift for a friend who isn’t into horses? Check out this gift guide for pets and pet lovers from Etsy!

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