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16 Great Gifts for Photographers

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As a photographer, my wish list is always littered with photography gear that I want. But photography gear can be expensive (unless you know where to look), and equipment needs depend a lot on your photographer friend’s style, photography goals, and existing gear. If you’d like to support your friend’s creative habit but you’re not sure where to start, here are 20 great gifts for photographers that will delight them without breaking the bank. And as an added bonus, they’re each sold by independent artists and small businesses. 6 different types of camera straps

Camera Straps

Unique camera straps are a great way to show off your friend’s style—and easily identify their camera. These are just a few of the many great straps available on Etsy: 1. Blue Embroidered Strap by Art Tribute Co.  2. Personalized Leather Strap from Mega Gear Custom 3. Floral Scarf Strap by Blue Bird Chic 4. Red Embroidered Strap by Art Tribute Co. 5. Cotton and Leather Strap from Lightning Design Store 6. “Honey” Scarf Strap from Such Good Wares [box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#568c99″ border_style=”solid” icon=”gift” icon_style=”bg” icon_shape=”circle” align=”center”]

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[/box] Gifts for photographers, including pin hole cameras, photo sphere, and old film

Photography Toys

7. Drifwood Pinhole Camera

This unique pinhole camera by Driftwood Pinhole is made out of actual driftwood from the Baltic Sea. I haven’t tried pinhole photography yet, but this gorgeous camera has me itching to try it!

8. Crystal Ball

While this crystal ball from Krauf can’t show you the future, it does make a pretty cool camera prop that can be used for some fun effects.

9. Old Film

It can be tricky to find a lab that still processes film (although thanks to the hipsters, it is seeing a bit of a resurgence these days). But if you can get it processed, expired film can be an exciting tool to shoot with. You never know how the pictures will turn out—if they turn out at all—so getting those prints will be an extra surprise after Christmas is over. These rolls are available from Camera Emporium.

10. Paper Pinhole Camera

This pinhole camera, also from Driftwood Pinhole, is made out of bamboo and handmade paper from Guatemala. This camera might be my favorite thing on this list.

Photography Fashion

11. Camera Earrings

I love these sweet earrings from Vector Coast UK. The charms are silver plated, and the hooks are sterling silver.

12. Reese Camera Bag Sewing Pattern

Your photographer friend can make their own camera bag out of their favorite fabric with this pattern from I Think Sew Bags.

13. Medium Camera Bag

Perfect for the male photographer in your circle, this handsome leather and canvas camera bag from Camera Cast Studio can fit one camera and two lenses.

14. Lens Bag Sewing Pattern

Here’s another sewing pattern, this time for their lenses, and also from I Think Sew Bags. I have a telephoto lens that’s begging me to make it one of these.

15. Jerilyn Camera Bag Sewing Pattern

Can you tell I want to make my own camera bag? I love this cute Jerilyn bag from I Think Sew Bags.

16. Camera Necklace

This dainty camera pendant from Rose Water Designs is the perfect way for your favorite photographer to celebrate their hobby even when they don’t have a camera in hand. With gifts like these, Christmas shopping is going to be a snap. ? If you’re still looking for more gifts for your crew and worrying about getting them in time for Christmas, check out these Etsy finds that are ready to ship today!

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Gifts for Photographers

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