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12 Great Gifts for Creative People

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One way to combat the commercialism of Christmas is to give homemade gifts. But if you’re not the crafty one in the relationship, you can still give your creative friends a thoughtful gift that allows them to use their talents—or discover new ones! Give your favorite artists and crafters the gift of creativity this Christmas with one of these DIY kits or craft supplies. And bonus points for supporting the independent artists and creators behind these unique gifts. Grid of gifts for crafters, including a DIY candle making kit, screen printing kit, paper making kit, silk painting kit, felt wreath kit, and watercolor paints

1. Candle Making Starter Kit

If your creative friend is also a fan of the hygge movement, they’re going to love this Candle Making Starter Kit from Nature’s Blossom Kits. Each kit comes with supplies to make three candles: lemon blossom, lavender, and chamomile and sage.

2. Screen Printing Kit

Graphic tees are so fun—especially when you make them yourself! This screen printing kit from Arteo Studio has three different design options: Bee Yourself (pictured), Artist in Training, and Chef in Training. These would make a great gift for a creative family to enjoy together.

3. Paper Making Kit

Your friend will never run out of paper again with this fun paper making kit from Wooden Deckle. The kit comes with almost everything you need to make beautiful, botanical-infused paper—the only thing they’ll need to add is a regular old kitchen blender!

4. Silk Painting Kit

I love a good painted silk scarf. This silk painting kit from DivineNYCo comes with a scarf, silk paints, a tutorial, and a pattern for a lovely floral design your favorite creator is sure to love.

5. Felt Flower Wreath Kit

Help your creative friend battle winter blues with this bright and cheerful felt flower wreath kit from The Handmade Florist. The finished wreath features pretty pink anemones and measures ~20cm.

6. Watercolor Set

I am in LOVE with the earthy tones of this handmade watercolor set from Hushwing Watercolors. If the product description is any indication, this studio really knows their pigment. Each color is blended from natural earth pigments or responsibly sourced pigments from Cyprus. [box title=”” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#568c99″ border_style=”solid” icon=”gift” icon_style=”bg” icon_shape=”circle” align=”center”]

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[/box] Gifts for creative people, including a needle felting starter kit, drop spindle kit, weaving kit, skein of arm knitting yarn, crochet kit, and embroidery kit

7. Needle Felting Kit

If you’ve seen those adorable little needle-felted animals on Pinterest, you’ll know how much fun your creative friend will have with this needle felting starter kit from Fuzzytail Felting. Each kit comes with 18 colors that are perfect for felting nature and animal designs, along with needles and other tools, and instructions for those new to felting.

8. Drop Spindle Kit

Confession: I have a bag full of alpaca wool roving that I’ve been wanting to spin for years… Maybe if I had actually started with this drop spindle kit from Sheep Sprouts, I’d have spun that yarn already and made a hat with it… Also, how great is “Sheep Sprouts” for the name of a shop that sells wool products? ?

9. Weaving Kit

Once your friend is done spinning that gorgeous fiber, they can make a trendy woven wall hanging with this weaving kit from Blanc Laine. Comes with all of the fun-to-say tools they’ll need for weaving, including the loom, heddle bar, shuttles, yarn needle, and comb, plus a variety of fun fibers.

10. Giant Skein of Merino Wool

This huge ball of merino from Wool Couture Company is meant to be used for arm knitting gorgeous blankets, but I kind of just want to cuddle with the skein itself. Doesn’t it look so cozy?

11. Crochet Kit

If your friend’s style runs a little smaller, try this adorable robin crochet kit from Little Conkers. Isn’t that sweet little bird just the cutest?

12. Christmas Hand Embroidery Kit

Instead of giving your crafty friend a plastic bauble for their Christmas tree, let them enjoy making these cute hand-embroidered ornaments from Lynny Lou Crafts. Each kit comes with all the supplies they’ll need to make three 3″ ornaments for next year’s Christmas tree. If you don’t have any creative people on your list, never fear! Check out these personalized gifts from Etsy for more unique ideas!

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