Review: Blurb Books

Is it vain of me to review a book I made?

Well, designed.  The print job and binding was done by someone else entirely, and that is what I’d actually like to review. See? No vanity here!

One of my other creative passions is photography.  Even before digital became The Way To Go, I took waaaaaaaayyyy too many pictures.  Processing was rather pricey. Even now, when I have two digital cameras, I still take waaaaaaaayyyy too many pictures.  And processing is still rather pricey when you’re as nuts about having printed photos as I am.

But then I found Blurb Books.

Using their simple BookSmart design software, I compiled a photo album of pictures from last summer and fall here at Philmont.  The cost of having it printed in a hardcover book by Blurb was half the price of printing all the photos at a department store or mail-in service.  HALF.  And the quality was so much better.

I finally got my photo book today, and I am 110% satisfied.  Check this out:

Oh my word. I am in love. Love, I tell ya.

So if you’re looking for a great place to make a book, you should check out Blurb.  You will not regret it.

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