Newcastle 365 Weeks 40, 41 & 42

Remember when I used to be good about posting weekly updates?

Yeah, me too.

Look! Pictures!

Week 40

Week 41

Week 42


    1. We commonly refer to Cleavers here as Catchweed. I do believe that it trapped Aunt Beth’s dog Kelly in the woods for maybe even a few days.

      1. I call it dog strangling weed. It was this time of year, I was on staff at the Hill Cumorah Pageant and got home after midnite to find, well to NOT find Kelly, I went out with a flashlight to search for him and as I called he answered. He was tangled in the weeds about 75 feet out behind the house. We never had it here until the power company came thru and cleared a path where the lines passed thru our property. It grew in and spread right across the acreage behind the house! Nasty stuff. I have no idea if we are talking about the same thing.
        Jess, got a postcard from Greece today! Thanks. I love grapes but you can leave all the olives there as far as I am concerned. Cousin Karen Davis is on her way to England, but I am not sure where she will be going and I was not on the ball enough to get a message to her about you being in Newcastle. Not sure if she knows you are there or not…not sure of much these days…
        Love you and love your posts and pics!

        1. That is crazy! It was definitely a pain to work with, but I had no idea it was strong enough to trap a dog. Poor Kelly. I’m glad you found him and rescued him!

          The olives in Greece were surprisingly tasty. I’m not a fan of olives, but my friends convinced me to try some while we were there and they were completely different. My parents and I learned that the American process of preserving olives involves lye, while the Greek process doesn’t. Maybe that’s what makes the difference?

          I don’t have any contact information for Karen, but if she is headed up north at all, I’d love to see her and give her a tour of Newcastle. 🙂

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