Newcastle 365: Week 5

Things I learned this week:

  • Honey Bees are really, really cool
  • Swans think they are sneaky
  • Sometimes missing the bus is okay
  • Battenburg Cake is delicious
  • Sometimes, microwaves and glass don’t get along
  • If your neighbor burns his dinner and sets off the fire alarm, make sure you pee before you leave the building because you might have to hold it for a while. (Just kidding.) (Sort of.)
  • There are multiple species of earthworms
  • Why skinny jeans are a necessary evil
  • Why there are cows in the city parks
  • How to play “Conkers” with horse chestnuts
  • Grad school is awesome. (I knew this already, but it’s nice to relearn it on a daily basis.)

Oh, and P.S. I’m going to Portugal in December. Say whaaaaat?!


      1. Haha, I was hoping someone would ask about that one! I wasn’t a fan of the look, but then I noticed that when it rained, the cuffs of my jeans would get wet and soak up water until they were wet clear up to my knees. The girls wearing skinny jeans don’t have that problem. They could also stuff their jeans into their wellies on field trips to the farm, while I was left looking like a goober or I came home with dirty pants. Kind of defeats the purpose for wearing wellies… So I bought a few pairs and found them quite nice in the aforementioned applications. I still can’t bring myself to wear them with regular shoes, but they’re great with boots and I’m even starting to like the look of them on me. With the right shirt, they’re surprisingly flattering.

        Jeggings, on the other hand… I still can’t believe people actually wear those…

    1. So cool, Jess! I’ve been behind on your blog, but I caught up tonight. Everything looks amazing, I’m glad you’re having such a cool adventure. And studying SUCH A COOL and important topic. Go save the world, roomie.

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