Newcastle 365 Week 19: OOPS.

I have some really bad news. Earth shattering, life altering, mind bendingly bad news.


Full confession time: I have missed the occasional day before this, but I have given myself the leeway to take a photo to represent days that I missed. I HAVE to take it the very next day and it has to be a photo that I could have taken on that day* or it doesn’t count. Does that make me a cheater? Maybe. But there are just some days when I just get so caught up in the living part of life that pushing the shutter button gets lost in the hustle and bustle.

But this time, not only did I forget to take a photo, but it wasn’t until almost a week later that I realized it.

To be fair, I had been sitting at my computer for 10 hours working on a presentation that was due on Friday, so my brain was mush. And I did take a photo to represent the day so I’ll still have 365 photos at the end of the year (*cough* More like 365,000 photos. Whatever…).

But I can’t believe that it slipped my mind so completely, especially when daily photos have become such a habit. It’s making me really question myself. Did I remember to brush my teeth today? Did I remember to wear pants? Do I remember who I am? WHO AM I, GUYS?

I’m the girl who forgets to take pictures, apparently. 😉

* So I can’t, say, take a picture in Glasgow and just sneak it into the slot for a day when I didn’t go to Glasgow. I could, however, use a photo of a hallway in a building where I had class on that day. Not saying I did that or anything. *runs away*

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