BTWP: Rachel Carlyon

Welcome to the first BTWP interview of 2012. It’s bound to be magic, folks, as today’s interview is with a delightful young lady from New Zealand whose story sounds all sorts of fantastic. Please welcome

Rachel Carlyon

What is your earliest writing memory? What did you write about? Did it have a title?

Hmm, my earliest writing memory was probably when I first started school. I believe it was about dinosaurs taking over the world, or something like that. It was written in crayon, and in those beginner books, that has the dashed line in the middle of the lines so kids know how to size letters. I think the title was a generic “What if Dino’s ruled the world?”

When you were 6, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A vet, I had wanted to be vet for a few years. I just LOVE animals, always have, and always will.

If not a vet, then a teacher; I loved my kindy, and primary teachers enough, that they made me want to do the same.

What is the best compliment your writing has ever received?

A teacher from another school was shown one of my short stories, and he thought I was doing level 3 scholarship English, (Year 13) but I was only doing level 2 (year 12) and I’m not/wasn’t  even in extension English. That really made my year. Being in Christchurch, New Zealand, my year had been really rough, what with the earthquakes, sleep deprivation, and site-sharing schools (meaning we missed out on 2hrs a day, 10hrs a week learning time) life was a bit shaky (no pun intended). When I heard that this English teacher thought I was older and better than I thought I was, I was beside myself with joy. My grin was from ear to ear; my math teacher thought I looked quite silly. 😉

Can you tell us a little about your current WIP?

My current story is a novel about a shifter named Aura-lee. She comes from a long line of shape-shifters, in her case Hawks. The title “Cry of the Avians” shows that they are in trouble and need help, which they are crying out for. Not only are they shape-shifters, but magicians as well. When Aura’s best friend, Alex (Shape-shifter wolf) is murdered, and a strange voice emits from the forest, things go downhill for the hawks, serpents, and wolves. Especially when the Emerald princess arrives and requests Aura’s help. Lakita is up to something, but no-one really knows what. Everyone but Aura and her mentors Zitora, Kunzite and Larimar believe her, they think she is up to something. Aura has to travel back with Lakita on horseback to the Crystal Iles, (a four day trek) and finds herself and more danger than she can handle.

Here is what I imagine the blurb on the back cover might say: “It’s ugly today. My mind reordered this occurrence in life. It was beautiful but the clouds rolled in and dark memories followed not far behind. Soon a thing must die. And again, I’ll be one with the road.”

Do you follow a routine when it comes to writing?

Every story has different inspirations, different ideas, and different styles, that having a routine makes no sense to me. Sure planning, then writing, then proofing, then editing, then finalising etc, but other than that, none. But to be honest, I don’t plan, it just comes to me, I don’t remember planning a story, I just write. Think up something, and BAM, a page in under half an hour.

What do you find hardest about writing?

Honestly, finding words to replace “said”. There are many, yes, but you can only use them so many times before they become too repetitive, and sometimes they don’t work. Like “mused” can only work in some situations, Other than that, it’s not knowing when an idea will hit me. I have a notebook and pen with me all the time. Not so I can jot notes, (which is what it was meant for) but I actually start writing in this book, then transfer (re-write) it onto pad paper when I get home.

What is your favorite book (at least currently)?

It would have to be Maria V. Snyder’s “Study Trilogy”  (Poison Study, Fire Study, Magic Study) then  her following trilogy “Glass Trilogy” (Storm Glass, Sea Glass, Spy Glass). They are an extremely great read, with amazing plot lines.

Also Amelia Atwater-Rhodes “Keisha Ra” series is also amazing. P.C. and Kristen Cast’s “House of Night” books are also really great. And can’t forget J.K’s amazing Harry Potter. I really don’t have a favourite ONE book, more many series.

What non-writing hobbies do you like to participate in?

I play archery and squash. I read a lot, always have. Otherwise, it would be hanging out with friends, playing playstation, or singing (not that I’m very good, but that doesn’t stop me) .

If you had $1,000,001, what would you do with the $1?

Honestly, that would all depend on my day. If it was bad, I’d treat myself a Mc Donalds ice-cream. I would donate it to a charity, fighting cancer or something, but more than likely, I’d give it to my younger sister Laura.

Give us one random fact about yourself.

If I get one book in a series, I have to buy them ALL!!! I end up with way too many. Then I have to buy the DVD’s just to make the set complete.

To learn more about Rachel and her writing, visit her deviantART page, friend her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter at @RachWrite4Life.

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