2017 Extreme Book Nerd Reading Challenge

I have long believed that you can tell a lot about a place based on the caliber of their public library. I love my new home, and it has a fantastic library to match it. They host an Extreme Book Nerd reading challenge every year, in which participants have to read 50 books in 50 different categories. I’m definitely participating this year, and I’ll be posting book reviews along the way. Here are the categories, in case you want to play along:

A ghost story
A book you’ve been meaning to read
A cozy mystery
A book with a government agency in it
A book with a verb in the title
A book set in Europe
A humorous or satirical book
A book written in first person
A book by an author you’ve never read before
A book that makes you happy
A book published before you were born
A book with an unreliable narrator

A book that intimidates you

A book with a relation in the title

A book recommended by someone you just met
A book set in New England

A book with an ugly cover
An author’s debut novel
A book with an illness in it
A book with a US President
A book translated from another language
A book that feeds your wanderlust
A book from a library display
A book by a British author
A young adult book
A Nonfiction book
A book with a color in the title
A book you own but have never read
A book with a natural disaster
A book with music in it
A book with a wedding in it
A book chosen because of the title
A book of essays
A book with magic
A book that became a movie
A book with a day or date in the title
A Man Booker award winner or shortlisted book
A book off the bottom shelf of the library or bookstore
A book with the military in it

A book you love—read it again!

A book with death in it
A book by an author with your name (first or last)
A book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with
A book by an author whose name ends in a vowel
A book you would never read
A book with an addicted character
A famous author’s lesser known work
A history book

A book you can finish in a day
A book published this year